Responsive Web Design

All our websites feature a fully responsive design. This means the design adapts to the users device so it can be used on many different devices rather than just having a website that can be viewed by Desktop browsers at a set resolution. With Responsive Web Design you can have one website with a consistent look and experience despite the users device. Essentially your website is more accessible and usable across more devices.

With Responsive Web Design your customers can view your website from any device and you can manage your website from any device.

What we do at TechCloud Enterprises is we combine a Responsive Web Design template with the Content Management System, Joomla! This means your businesses website is fast, reliable and secure. With Joomla! it's not just the front-end (what your customers see) that has a Responsive Template, it is also the back-end management side that you use. So no matter what device you use, phone, desktop or tablet, you can manage your website easily.

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