Receiving Form submissions via email

  1. Hover over Manage and click Forms
  2. Click Manage Forms
  3. Select the Form you want to receive submissions via email from
  4. Click the Properties tab
  5. Click the Admin Emails tab
  6. Enter the following details
    1. From:
    2. From Name:
    3. To:
    4. Subject:
  7. Click the Toggle Quick Add button
  8. Click the Edit the Email Text
  9. Use the Quick Add text to create the email you want to send by enter both the caption and value lines (see example 1.0 below)
  10. Click Save and Close
  11. Click Save

Example 1.0

For example:

Would email this:

{Name:caption}: {Name:value}

{Email:caption} : {Email:value}

Name: John Smith



Tip: If you want to use the same layout as a form that already emails you

  1. Follow steps 1 to 5 then
  2. Click the Edit Email Text button
  3. Click the code editor button
  4. Copy all text
  5. Paste the text in the Edit Email Text box of the form you just created
  6. Around line 147 you need to add your domain name before the text:images/system/logo.png so that it adds your logo to the email. Each time you edit the Email text you must do this

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